Patient Info

In accordance with Texas SB 425 Schertz Cibolo Emergency Clinic is required to post the following:

Schertz Cibolo Emergency Clinic is a freestanding emergency room. Our rates are comparable to a hospital emergency room and may charge a facility fee. Our facility or Physician(s) providing medical care at our facility may not be a participating provider in the patient’s health benefit plan provider network. A physician providing medical care services at our facility may bill separately from the facility for the medical care provided to a patient.

Currently Schertz Cibolo Emergency Clinic accepts Medicare and Tricare. However at this time Medicaid has not been approved with our facility. Updates to come

Network Status

This facility may not be a participating provider in your health benefit plan provider network, however, Texas Department of Insurance Code, Section 1301.155 on Emergency Care requires that insurance companies pay emergency facilities “at the insured′s in-network benefit level” for all services.

Still Have Questions?

From the beginning of your visit to the end of the claims process, We are here to help. Call us anytime 24/7 at (210)-202-1123 with any questions you may have. You may also email: (unfortunately no Medical advice may be given over the phone/email. Please call 911 if you have an Emergency or go to your nearest Emergency Room)