How has the COVID-19 Pandemic Made us Better?

COVID-19 fatigue is setting in.  We are so tired of hearing one bad news report after the next to the point that it’s starting to become white noise.  Wouldn’t it be nice to hear something positive and encouraging about the effects of our COVID-19 pandemic experience?

We at Schertz Cibolo Emergency Clinic dug deep and found several ways the pandemic has made us better.

Focus on essential workers

Supermarket cashiers, shelf-stackers and delivery drivers are not generally thought of as heroes. But the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the essential roles played by key workers who we all depend on.

Across the US, people locked in their houses have been applauding their medical staff and other key workers who are continuing to go to work despite the health risks.  These often-low paid workers are finally getting the appreciation they have always deserved.


People are sleeping better

Data from Fitbit users in six US cities shows that people are getting an average of 17 minutes more sleep each night during the coronavirus lockdown than they were before the pandemic hit. The health tracking tech company also shows that sleep quality has improved with users getting more REM and Deep Sleep.


Changes in working habits

Many workers have taken their office jobs home with them and after some adjustment time, are now fulfilling the same role from the safety of their home.

While some jobs cannot be replicated online, many people are saving time and money by not travelling. Whether it’s an hour’s daily commute or frequent business meetings around the world, that travel time adds up and can now be spent getting more work done or just relaxing.

Changes in working habits may also encourage employers to switch from outdated business models that are over reliant on face-to-face meetings and fixed working hours. Technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams gives the potential for more streamlined workflow and productivity – without those unnecessary meetings.


Access to culture without having to travel

Always wanted to go to the Met in New York but never managed to get there? Ever wanted to watch a live performance from your favorite musician or band?  Instead of high-ticket prices and travel, you can now log on to enjoy new cultural experiences.

With potential visitors stuck at home under coronavirus lockdowns, museums and entertainers across the world are offering the chance to attend events virtually at low to no cost.

Break in routine, time to restructure life

It’s commonly thought that time spent alone provides an opportunity to stop and reflect. With social distancing measures limiting people’s lives, it is a good time to reexamine what really matters.

Psychology shows that people are more open to habit changes at times of upheaval, so the COVID-19 lockdown is a good window for making lifestyle changes. Whether it’s pursuing a new career, moving to a better environment or focusing on your family, now’s the time to make that move.


Focus on the Positive

2020 has been one of the most challenging years in modern history, but it’s given us all a chance to focus on what’s truly important.  Reawakening to the value of family, the importance of our own health and the recognition of vital roles we all play in the community will help quiet the constant voice of COVID-19 negativity.  Stay vigilant, stay safe and stay positive.

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